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Frequently Asked Questions

What is occupational therapy (OT)?

In the simplest terms, occupational therapy helps clients/patients to successfully engage in the activities that matter to them! For infants and children, this usually involves play, learning, eating and/or self-care activities. 

How can OT help my child? 

If your infant is struggling with reflux, not meeting developmental milestones or having a hard time transitioning to solid foods, OT can help with that! 

Similarly, if your child is struggling with emotional regulation/behavior management skills, sensory processing difficulties, play skills or self-care, they may benefit from OT as well! 

For a more comprehensive list, please click "services

What should I expect when starting OT for my child? 

Your child's journey into OT starts with sending an email to! We will then schedule a free phone consultation. During that consultation, we will discuss your concerns about your child's development and I will explain my therapy approach and answer any questions you may have about JSTS.


At that point, if we determine that your child would benefit from OT services, we will schedule a time for a comprehensive evaluation and I will email you the intake paperwork to complete electronically.

How do I prepare for an evaluation?

The most important thing is completing the intake questionnaire that you will receive in your email. I will bring physical copies of forms for you to sign at that first appointment. Beyond that, we only need the child and a few of their favorite toys! 


In an ideal world, we would have an hour or two with minimal distractions. However, with several years of experience working within clients' homes, I am used to siblings, pets, messy play rooms and laundry piles - it's all part of the process of home-based therapy!

What towns do you work in?

Currently, I work with children throughout southeastern Connecticut (greater New London). This includes: New London, Waterford, East Lyme, Old Lyme, Deep River, Norwich, Salem, Colchester, Groton, Montville, Mystic, Ledyard, Stonington, and Haddam.

Where can we do therapy? 

The most effective therapy takes place within the context where the child is currently having difficulties. This means the session might be in the home or backyard, at a local playground, in a restaurant, in their preschool or even at the dentist office!

What does a session look like? 

To your child, our sessions usually look like playing! Occupational therapists often use favorite toys and fun activities or games to address a caregiver's main concerns/goals, in such a way that the kids don't even realize they're working on gaining new skills. 

Do I get to be involved in my child's sessions? 

Yes! I want you to feel empowered in helping your child succeed. Caregiver involvement in a critical component to a child's success. It also allows me to better understand your family's needs and to make sure that any home strategies or activities that I recommend, are both realistic and a good fit for your schedule.

In the rare instances where a child participates better without the caregiver present, we can set up a video feed so that you can watch the session from a different room. I will also always meet with you at the end of each session to discuss progress and provide strategies/activities to try until our next session. 

What precautions do you have in place for Covid-19?

As a healthcare provider, I strive to stay up-to-date with all of the latest CDC recommendations. Due to the nature of home-based therapy services, where I often work with children who are immunocompromised or medically fragile, I take these precautions seriously both in and out of sessions. 

You will be provided with a full list of my Covid-19 protocols as a therapist and business owner prior to beginning therapy.

Do you take insurance? 

JSTS is currently not in network with insurance providers. Private pay rates depend on session length. Please email for further information and/or a list of current rates. 

A sliding scale is available for those who qualify based on financial need.

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