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In-home occupational therapy services

Helping families thrive from 0-5

Treatment sessions
in your home & community



Does it seem as though your child is constantly "on the move" or fidgeting?

Is your child afraid of public restrooms or loud noises? 

Does your child struggle with certain clothing, wearing socks or messy textures?


Does your child become distressed when presented with new or non-preferred foods?


Is your baby having a hard time transitioning to solid foods?

Does your preschooler only eat 5-10 foods consistently or refuse whole food groups?


Do you struggle to take your child out in public settings because of their behavior or their anxiety?

Does your toddler seem overly fearful or seem to "shut down" at times? 

Does your child have multiple tantrums or meltdowns each week?

Trauma & Attachment

Has your child been through traumatic experiences in the past?  

Does your ​child experience trauma-related anxiety or behaviors?

Do you feel like you're struggling to connect or play with your neurodivergent child in ways that interest them? 


Is your baby struggling to roll over or sit up independently?

Do you feel as though your toddler lacks the necessary strength or endurance for play activities?

Is your 

preschooler struggling to toilet train? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, scroll to the top to schedule a free consultation!

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